Brett’s Ballot Statement for the 2016 General Election

It’s time for a change. The extremist politics in Washington have to stop. Our country must come first before any party.
As Brea’s Mayor and Councilmember, I worked hard to find common ground with my colleagues to keep us moving forward.  I saw firsthand the real benefits of communication, moderation, and compromise.
I believe: global climate change is real and a serious threat to our future; middle class tax cuts will help American families get ahead; sensible gun control is a must; government should spend within its means – like the rest of us; a woman’s right to choose must be protected; jobs are created by private enterprise – not government; preserving LGBT rights is essential to everyone’s liberty; creating a pathway to citizenship for residents that have paid their dues here in America is the right thing to do; the threat of terrorism compels us to secure our borders.
As a professor of American government at Cal State Fullerton, I have witnessed our next generation’s disgust with our political system.  They think our government is broken.
Help me show them that extremist politics are what’s broken about Washington – not our government.  Help me show them that our differences – indeed our diversity – only strengthen us when we work together and put our country above any party. As your congressman, I will fight to renew America’s faith that “government of the people, by the people, for the people” has not perished from the Earth.
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